People with Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) usually sustain an injury after a motor vehicle accident or traumatic sport injuries. This condition happens with an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. This high impact force may cause various tissues injury in the cervical spine, most evidence currently supporting the involvement of cervical facet joint causing neck pain. Most of us think whiplash is associated with road traffic accidents but in reality you can get whiplash injuries also while playing sports or due to a trip or fall. However majority of the whiplash injuries presenting to physiotherapy clinics are related to road traffic accidents.

Whiplash injury is a neck injury caused by forward and backward movement of neck following an impact. Patient usually presented with neck stiffness, muscle spasm and neck pain following an accident. Chronic neck pain lasts for more than 3 months and can be associated with anxiety and depression. Most whiplash injuries respond well to 6 weeks of physiotherapy treatment however chronic neck pain can last for much longer.

We at Revive Physiotherapy treat the acute and subacute whiplash injury by manual therapy, soft tissue release, core stability exercises. Also manual mobilisation and exercise therapy is more effective in chronic neck pain. Our Physiotherapist's role is not just limited to treatment but it has major role in identifying any serious pathology. We offer thorough orthopedic testing, neurological and vascular assessment and do appropriate referrals if there is any indication of serious pathology. All our physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating whiplash associated disorders and keep themselves up-to-date by attending various continues professional development courses and reading latest research articles on whiplash associated disorder. We are preferred physiotherapy provider for most of the medico legal companies in London region.