LIT Yoga

Miriam Zendle of LIT Yoga in Warrior 2
Miriam Zendle of LIT Yoga


Why yoga?

The physical practice of yoga is truly something all body types, ethnicities, health levels and ages can access; that could be on the mat, in a chair or in bed. Revive Physiotherapy has teamed up with yoga teacher Miriam Zendle to offer yoga for every body; ranging from rehabilitative supportive practices to group classes designed to build strength and focus. 

When are the classes?

Flow Foundations runs on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm, and private sessions can be booked evenings and weekends. Just get in touch with reception to find out more or book in. You can also take a look at Miriam's website.

What can I expect?

Miriam says: "Don’t be fooled, just because your body doesn’t twist into a pretzel like on Instagram, or you can't touch your toes/are not flexible enough doesn’t mean yoga isn’t for you. Yoga is for all, and however the pose looks in your body is the right way! Anatomy teacher Dr Andrew McGonigle says: “We are blessed by stiffness and cursed by flexibility”."

Miriam's business is called LIT Yoga, which stands for Loving, Inclusive, Transformational yoga. She explains:

  • I tailor my asana classes to all bodies and all minds; all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations are welcome in my classes 🙂

  • The language I use is uplifting and inclusive - e.g. saying 'option' instead of 'modification', never saying ‘the full pose’, always making sure you know it’s your body and your practice and you only have to do what you feel comfortable with

  • Options will always be given and props will be on hand at all times!

  • I understand the power imbalance between teachers and students and how hard it can be to say no or opt out. While I do sometimes give hands-on assists, your consent is key to me and I hand out tokens to enable students to non-verbally communicate

  • We can have fun - whatever the class, it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously. We’re all just humans trying to get along

  • I understand how emotional state impacts on the body - we’ll work to twine breath with movement, to access helpful breath practices and find calm through restorative practices