We at Revive Physiotherapy offers the very best treatment for sports injuries and rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists work with amateurs and professionals in the sporting environment to diagnose, treat and prevent injury. Our lists of clients have included: runners, footballers, golfers, rugby players, cricketers, musicians and professional performers.

Each sport has a different demand to the body - for example, a rugby player would require different treatment to a ballet dancer! Our physiotherapists are all keen sports people and therefore have an excellent knowledge of different sports and its individual demands.

We offer treatments of sports injuries from the acute stage through to the final rehabilitation in the gym. Treatment usually involves a combination of massage, manipulation, mobilisations and ultrasound. These therapeutic techniques accelerate the healing process. We aim to get you back playing your sport as quickly as possible. You will also be provided with a programme of exercises to prevent any reoccurrence of your injury.

Our physiotherapists will provide patients with:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Devise a bespoke programme of treatment and rehabilitation based on your injury, your goals and your sport.
  • Advice on preventing any further recurrences
  • A full screening programme if you are starting or returning to sport.

We specialize in postoperative care, we have close links with local sports doctors and orthopaedic surgeons. Further investigations such as MRI scanning can be arranged quickly and efficiently through our link with other professionals in the local area.

All physiotherapists are Chartered Members of the Health Professions Council. All treatments are covered by medical insurance companies.

We aim to get you back playing your sport as quickly as possible!