Let’s Run! Benefits Of Running.

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Let’s Run! Benefits Of Running

Running is one form of aerobic exercise so Let’s Run. It is an activity which keeps you active, gets you some fresh air and exposes new places. Beginners should start with a nice long walk , then brisk walking or marching on the spot and gradually pick up the pace.

Running doesn’t require heavy equipment, a pair of running shoes will do the job.

Running not only benefits in burning calories, keeps you fit and controlling your weight but also helps in preventing long term health conditions such as type 2 diabetes or stroke.

Running restricts heart issues, brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure.

Just as we need a healthy body similarly for a healthy brain, we need mental fitness. Running beneficiary in both, it not only allows to maintain a healthy body but also a healthy brain
Stress and depression can be treated by moving. Improves mood.While running our brain secretes hormones which lifts our mood naturally.

Some people find running a bit of a hassle, for them group running is a great way to start with, it helps keep them inspired and influenced and socialise with new people.
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